The Nova Scotia Archaeology Society’s Newsletter offers a platform for society members to communicate about archaeology in the province. Want to learn more about recent research, stewardship and policy matters, and experiences of local archaeological sites? Browse our archive of Newsletters to see how the society – and the discipline of archaeology – has evolved in Nova Scotia over nearly 30 years. Better yet, submit an article for publication. Our Newsletter Committee consists of Charles Burke, Courtney Glen and Vanessa Smith.

This page is currently under renovation. Please check back for updates as we continue to add back issues of the Newsletter.

NSAS Newsletter-v26-n1-Fall-2015

NSAS Newsletter-v25-n2-Spring-2014

NSAS Newsletter-v25-n1-Winter-2013-4

NSAS Newsletter-v24-n2-Spring-2012

NSAS Newsletter-v24-n1-Fall-2011

NSAS Newsletter-v23-n1-Fall-2010

NSAS Newsletter-v22-n1-Fall-2009

NSAS Newsletter-v21-n2-Winter-2009

NSAS Newsletter-v21-n1-Fall-2008

NSAS Newsletter-v20-n2-Spring-2008

NSAS Newsletter-v20-n1-Fall-2007

NSAS Newsletter-v19-n2-Spring-2007

NSAS Newsletter-v19-n1-Winter-2007

NSAS Newsletter-v18-no2-Spring-2006

NSAS Newsletter-v18-n1-Fall-2005

NSAS Newsletter-v17-n2-Fall-2004

NSAS Newsletter-v17-n1-Winter-2004

NSAS Newsletter-v16-no1-Fall-2003

NSAS Newsletter-v15-n1-Winter-2003

NSAS Newsletter-v14-n1-Fall-2001

NSAS Newsletter-v13-n2-Spring-2001

NSAS Newsletter-v12-n2-Spring-2001

NSAS Newsletter-v12-n1-Spring-1999

NSAS Newsletter-v12-n1-Winter-1999

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